Thursday, 23 April 2015

When debt counselling does not work. Tearful letter from a woman with no where to turn to.

Hi Eugene,
Thank you very much for the attached information.  Where were you 5 years ago in my life?  Let me give you the background with regards to my financial dilemma.
About 5 years ago I experienced a rather bad patch in my life.  Before then I had a perfect credit record.  As is often the case, my difficulties were emotionally driven – I was left after a relationship of 11 years with all the credit cards etc. 

So not knowing how to deal with the dilemma (and doing nothing for a while as I had a lot of emotional issues to deal with), I turned to debt counselling. 

Which seemed to be the best answer at that stage.  The debt that I am responsible for are all credit cards, which I still cannot understand how one person could get SO much credit on credit cards with my salary at that stage.  I don't think affordability etc played such a big role back in the day.  The other debt that I had was my car at MFC.  The car I gave back to them just a couple of months into debt counselling.  I currently do not own a house or a car.  I have no fixed assets.  The car I drive is my mother's vehicle.  After 5 years under debt counselling, it seems as if I now owe MORE money than that with which I started.  The debt councillor at no stage had a discussion with me in regards to how much money will be paid and to whom, and by when my debt will be cleared. 
My financial situation is something that I must admit that I have been trying to ignore, as it really scares me.  And the fact that I do not know what the best thing is to do, and have someone trustworthy to assist me, kills me even more.  I have lodged a complaint at the NCR with regards to my debt councillor, and they send me an e-mail saying that they are assessing the situation.  Every time I phone the debt councillor to ask if they can help with the how much was the initial debt, how much was paid over, when will I be finished paying – I get absolutely no response. 

I have moved many times within the last 5 years, and much of my paperwork got lost.  I do not even know which companies I am supposed to pay – where my debt is? 

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