Friday, 17 April 2015

No play no pay for Sharks Players

Sharks players beware: New rule could hurt you

The Sharks are taking a firm stance on discipline going forward, with indiscretions set to be harshly punished.


What's going on?

The Sharks have a wretched disciplinary record this season, with three key players currently suspended for being on the wrong side of the law - Bismarck du Plessis, Jean Deysel and Francois Steyn. That record has irritated the hierarchy at the franchise, with a new rule coming into play to try and curb the trend. Going forward, any player who is suspended will not be paid by the Sharks. If there ever was an incentive to be good, this is it?

Who said what?

Sharks chairman Stephen Saad told The Mercury: "We have decided that going forward there must be a policy of 'no pay for no play' should a player be suspended for foul play.

The Sharks Board agree that red cards and dirty play cannot be condoned and it is unacceptable that this behaviour be associated with the Sharks brand. We endorse the executive management's suggestion that the current censure (suspension from playing) is inadequate and can confirm that further sanction on the players has been taken over and above that served from Sanzar.

To this end we consulted legal counsel regarding 'no play, no pay' for red cards. We feel this new censure is appropriate and will have the necessary teeth."

According to IOL, some of the top earners at the Sharks take home around R500,000 a month. Naughty players beware. 

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