Sunday, 26 April 2020

Hair salons and nail bars will remain closed as South Africa enters curfew from 1 May

Small business in the esthetics and health industry will struggle to survive the Covid19 Economic Meltdown with not much debt relief from government and banks forthcoming. 
Businesses like hair salons, nail bars, beauty spas and gyms in cities like Johannesburg, Pretoria but also in the small towns all will suffer greatly. 

What will you do?
Rent paying businesses will go first.
Those operating from home will last longer IF #LockdownSA is lifted sooner. Even then social distancing regulations that will be with us for 18 months to two years will decimate these businesses and the lives that rely on their income. 

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South Africa will enter a new phase of lockdown on the 1ts of May 2020.
A curfew will be enforced that will see the limiting of movement of people. 

The curfew will start at 8pm and run until 5am seven days a week.
Dr Pillay Director General of the Department of Heath stressed the importance of social distancing in a post lockdown world. 
All those services where there is direct contact with the public poses a serious risk of infection. So hairstylists, massage therapists and beauticians that have close personal contact with clients will remain closed.

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