Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Open letter to everyone in the South African Credit Industry

Open letter to all debt counsellors, attorneys, mediators and other professionals working in the credit industry.

I write this letter with a hint of frustration.
We all work in an thankless industry.
We don't just deal with clients that are broken financially but we deal with incompetent staff at credit providers, limp regulatory bodies and red tape at the courts all in an attempt to make a difference in our clients lives and to earn a living.

Do we really have the time and energy to go looking over the wall at what your fellow industry professional is doing?
Are you so threatened by your own skill or lack thereof that you keep looking at what others are doing and when you see something you don't understand you cry foul. You have no other response than to say something must be wrong if I don't know about it.

Our industry is huge and ages old.
The Credit Act and the profession of the debt counsellor but a baby. Are you so arrogant that you refuse to acknowledge a world other than the one you know?

I am will always make sure I know everything about the industry I work in. I obsess over information and make sure that I read and study every piece of news and material produced in this industry in the fear of missing something. Something that I should know when a client comes to me for a solution.

I am open to debate on the issues and problems of our industry and determined to expose the people that give the industry a bad name.
I am always open to network with anyone in the business to foster relations as we all need each other and we all could learn more.

Up to now I have pulled my punches as a matter of courtesy put the latests responses I have been getting from people in the industry have just stoked my fire even more.
I will call a spade a spade and if it affects you you will just have to deal with it. I know this will open me to more attacks but I am a big boy with broad shoulders and you will underestimate me if you judge me on the limited knowledge you may have of me.

I am sorry that people that are suppose to work hand in hand as partners resort to this to gain some imagined advantage.
I have responded to two inquiries from the Credit Regulator this week alone and complaints did not come from clients but clearly from debt counsellors that feel I am too harsh on the counselling process.

I am not subject to the credit regulator and entertained their questions as a matter of courtesy. I will not again. If a debt counsellor has a problem with my service or my company he will have to put his money where is mouth is and take legal action. Not the cheap route of lodging "anonymous" complaints with regulators THEY think I am subject to.

My track record speaks for itself.
I don't lose cases. When I accept a matter its because I have a solution.
My reputation is everything to me and I won't tolerate undeserved negative publicity or cheap shots.
Either respect my opinion as I yours or move out of the way. If you are not open to change or to blind to see you do not know everything you won't be around for much longer.

That might sound arrogant but its merely a fact. I have been in the industry far longer than the credit act exist and have been dealing with credit matter for more than 15 years. Long before debt counsellors existed.

I have respectfully, dealt with attorneys and other professionals over the years that also from time to time did not agree with me and after debate we either saw eye to eye or agreed to disagree but I never have had the displeasure of dealing with small minded demigods like I have had to deal with in the last few month.
These "Johnny come lately" people should not upset me. I expect I must find it flattering that I am making waves, well hold on to the rails cause here comes a tsunami.

I am not pissed off at everyone, to all my clients I will always do my best to offer you the best solution available based on the latest legislation and research not just what I was taught in a week long course on debt counselling.
You are the people that keep me up late at night and wake me up early because I know what its like to be hopeless and without recourse.

To the rest can kiss my ass.


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