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CaseStudy: No 474

Adele, was referred to me by a friend that saw my ad on Facebook about debt relief. At the moment she had consulted with a debt counseller and she was advised that most of her debt could not be covered in a debt repayment plan as the creditors have already take legal action. They were willing to negotiate the remaining debt into a payment plan that if approved would cost Adele R4400 per month.

So with some debt she faced legal action and with some she could be protected. Not an ideal situation.

Her husband sequestrated 5 years previously and since then all debt was placed in her name. He them left her one day for another woman and a load of unpaid debt.

Adele was fighting fires on all fronts, with creditors calling daily and a pending divorce.

I suggested a sequestration, she was so worried and I had to keep her calm daily. Creditors refused to talk to me and insisted on intimidating her into payment.
Should our application succeed her debt repayment would drop from over R11 000 to just under R2000.

I am please to say that Friday, I had the pleasure of calling Adele and telling here that her application was granted and she was effectively debt free. Her salary was her own again and creditors disappeared.
She was in tears, now she could focus on starting her life over, debt free.

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