Tuesday, 8 October 2013

E-tolls and the effect it could have on the public l rising transport cost

The costs to the road freight industry are set to rise with more fuel increases, carbon tax and the possible implementation of e-tolls.

If we permit this malignant system to come into existence because we have not revolted, then we have only ourselves to blame

I HAVE been listening to the Classic FM business and government programme over the last few days during which they have been interviewing people at length about the proposed e-tolls, which some say are inevitable and others (myself included) are prepared to fight to the bitter end and never accede to — it is an iniquitous and corruption-plagued form of taxation.

One of the interviewees, from some debt management agency (who was a proponent of the e-toll tax), when asked about the proposed cost of the e-tolls to the already cash-strapped South African consumer, made the most incredible comment that these people should make their way to debt counsellors in order to manage their increasing indebtedness brought on by the e-tolls.

The predicted R500 toll road cost per month to regular commuters is a huge burden, so we will all be heading to debt counsellors.

That was his solution. He seemed to have calculated that his business would certainly boom from the imminent bankruptcy of commuters.

Can you just imagine this being a serious solution to the cancer of e-tolls? We must just manage going into debt in a more dignified and structured manner?

If we permit this malignant system to come into existence because we have not revolted, then we have only ourselves to blame.

Peter C Baker

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